PHF Cup International Home Textile Creative Design Contest (hereinafter referred to as PHF Cup), officially launched in early 2019 after thorough preparation, adheres to the principle of “Speciality, Innovation, Internationalization” and sticks to the target of “Serving Enterprises” so as to build the platform for Asian countries, regional enterprises and universities for close and large-scale cooperation. Taking full advantages of high-level education and industrial resources at home and abroad and aiming to build up industrial cluster strength, PHF Cup is held to improve the design capability of China's home textile industry and bring new patterns for design research and development. PHF Cup is expected to be held annually to build a platform for the promotion of home textile brand culture and for the flow of ideas among designers in the home textile industry. PHF Cup is the design contest with the utmost authority, speciality and influence in China’s home textile industry. PHF Cup, as the home textile design contest of the 2019 International Industrial Design Contest and the International Design Industry Expo held by Yantai's Municipal Peoples Government, is devoted to the promotion of communication and cooperation among designers from different countries and regions in accordance to the purpose of “Openness, Innovation and Cooperation”.

To Build a Community with a Shared Future for Mankind Co-Existence, Commensalism and Harmony in Diversity

Design inspired from the inter-connection between mankind and nature, people and people as well as people and society. Ecosystems and social systems are closely linked with human life and designs.

Co-Existence -- People shall learn from nature and absorb quintessence in an all-embracing way even though we live in a diversified world which nurtures various cultures and creatures.

Commensalism -- Following the new trend of “Seeking Harmonious Coexistence between Mankind and Nature and Achieving Sustainable Development”, man should focus on new growth drivers and intelligent materials so as to achieve sustainable development from design.

Harmony in Diversity -- Seek harmony in diversity and common points while reserving difference so as to experience the inclusiveness and speciality of culture under the background of cultural tolerance and individual innovation.

1.Download and fill in the application form attached at the end of this article, a signature from the participant is required. (Scan and upload the application form)

2.Submission of application form and entries.
See Attachment 2 below (the layout in Attachment 2 is just for reference and more than one layout is allowed if necessary)
All entries shall be submitted online in the form of graphic designs. Please also include the application form.
Entries shall be submitted separately if participant has more than one design.
File name shall follow the standard format: Work Unit+ Name of Designer+ Name of Design.
Please upload the entry files to

3.Registration deadline is on the 31st of July, 2019(the E-mail received date shall be taken as final and binding).

Entry Requirements
1. Participants shall express the themes of their home textile designs of whole household decorations and all entries shall agree with the theme and principle of PHF Cup.
2. All graphic designs shall include main patterns, color schemes, auxiliary patterns, origin of inspirations, design description, technological requirements ( like printing, jacquard, embroidery, quilting, etc.), target customers, overall effect of design application etc. Colors shall be CMYK, Size 90cm*60cm, resolution no less than 300dpi and file formats jpg or tif.

Contest Fees:Application, evaluation, itinerant exhibition and publicity of entries are free of charge for participants.

1. Entries shall be originally designed and finished by participants themselves and the contest committee shoulders no responsibilities for checking the ownership of entries. We reserve the absolute right to disqualify those who are charged with intellectual property rights theft. Participants need to guarantee that the contest committee won’t be involved in any copyright disputes when using their entries. The contest committee reserves the right to reject any entry that offends other countries’ cultures or is against to contest requirements. The contest committee and its units reserve rights to exhibit, publish(including electronic editions) and collect entries for the purpose of public benefit.
2. The contest committee reserves the right to exhibit and publicize those entries and the copyrights of those award-winning entries (including finalist ones) shall belong to contest hosts.
3. Any information related to participants shall not be disclosed on entries to ensure fairness.
4. All entries shall be original and newly finished and have never been sent to any other contests.
5. The contest committee reserves all rights for the final explanation.

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